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The snack is a moment of the day that we love to celebrate with our range of sweet grocery products. Discover a selection of refined biscuits, comforting cakes, and colorful candies; timeless flavors, crispiness, softness, or even smoothness. So many gustatory pleasures that will go wonderfully with our teas and herbal teas for an explosion of flavors.

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Acacia honey

(8 reviews)
Availability: 19 In Stock

A perfect honey to flavor your teas or to enjoy on toast! Acacia honey has a delicate and sweet flavor with floral notes, and is highly appreciated by the general public. Discover our French acacia honey now!

Origin: Gironde, Landes (Chalosse), Aveyron, Ain, Côte d'Or, Val de Loire and Center region.

Iced Teas Box 3 X 25G Metal Boxes

Availability: 22 In Stock

Discover our iced tea set, perfect for refreshing your sunny days,

this set contains:

- A Kiwi Banana Tea: Exotic and fruity perfect for a touch of tropical sweetness,

- A Peach Apricot Tea: A delicate and tasty blend, evoking summer heat

- A Watermelon Raspberry Mint Tea: A refreshing and unique combination, marrying the sweetness of watermelon, the liveliness of raspberry and the freshness of mint

Treat yourself to a moment of freshness and pleasure with our selection!

Old-fashioned gingerbread

(4 reviews)
Availability: 5 In Stock

Share a gourmet moment with our authentic and delicious gingerbread with honey and pearl sugar

Weight: 400 g

Pineapple Coconut Rum - Jam

(6 reviews)
Availability: 12 In Stock

With our jam Pineapple, coconut, rum, discover an original blend of flavors that will make you travel to paradisiacal places!

Chestnut honey

(11 reviews)
Availability: 15 In Stock

Why not sweeten your coffee or tea with a little bit of chestnut honey? This honey is highly appreciated for its gustatory qualities but also for its health benefits. It strengthens the immune system, helps fight fatigue, facilitates blood circulation, and has many other benefits.

Origin France: Piedmont, Pyrenees, Perigord (Dordogne), Lozère, Aveyron, and Ardèche.

Pineapple Mango Guava Passionfruit - Jam

(7 reviews)
Availability: 10 In Stock

Go on a discovery to an exotic perfume with our pineapple, mango, guava and passion fruit jam! To be tasted on a slice of bread, a pancake, a waffle, in a yogurt or a cake. A gustatory journey that you will remember!

Apricot nectar - 1L

(1 review)
Availability: 10 In Stock

A tasty and delicious fruit nectar to accompany your start of the day and get it off on the right foot!

Discover quickly our range of unprecedented nectars. Good tasting.

Capacity: 1l

Sliced gingerbread

(16 reviews)
€2.64 -34%
Availability: 14 In Stock

In sweet spreads or for a neat and successful presentation of your savory toasts, our authentic and delicious sliced honey gingerbread will be the ideal ally!

Lavender honey

(12 reviews)
Availability: 24 In Stock

Taste a savory honey with hints of lavender with our jar of lavender honey! This honey is golden in color and will sweeten your breakfasts or flavor your herbal teas.

Our lavender honey is of Provençal origin! The delicious ingredients that compose it come from the Plateau de Valensole, the Plateau d'Albion, and the Drôme Provençale.

Chestnut cream - 100% Ardèche AOP chestnuts

(27 reviews)
Availability: 14 In Stock

In your desserts or to enjoy as a treat, indulge in our delicious chestnut cream produced from French chestnuts in accordance with the Ardèche tradition. A pure delight!