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Discover our savory delights for reimagined dishes. Pleasures to be enjoyed according to your desires and culinary creations. Le Comptoir de Mathilde has always known how to seek out the best recipes for fine savory groceries to offer flavors and refinement. A small touch of flavored peppers and salts, a drizzle of infused oil, exceptional mustards, spreads to combine or spread.

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Mathildette Thai Appetizer - 50g

(11 reviews)
Availability: 6 In Stock

The richness of Thai spices in a concentrate of flavors made from onion, garlic, curry, turmeric, and chili. All skillfully dosed to please all lovers of Asian and exotic cuisine.

Culinary preparation made with pink Himalayan...

(8 reviews)
Availability: 16 In Stock

Discover a sweet mix of Himalayan salt, a fossil salt of rare purity, and Espelette pepper. This composition will season and enhance your dishes with just a turn of the mill.

Extra virgin olive oil extracted cold

(11 reviews)
Availability: 9 In Stock

Stackable bottle Le Comptoir de Mathilde. A Virgin Olive Oil extra cold pressed, ideal for marinades, salad dressings, meats and vegetables.

"cold pressed"? What is it? This appellation is reserved for craftsmen who make olive oil using traditional manufacturing. This involves crushing olives on a stone mill. Like grandpa used to do in his garden.

Our "stackable" range will allow you to create a beautiful decoration or save space in your layout. Clever and delicious, it will match design and taste quality.

Mini sausages Hazelnuts

(5 reviews)
Availability: 11 In Stock

It's time for a French-style apéritif with friends! In buchettes version, our saucisson is easy to nibble on. Go for this recipe with hazelnuts for even more indulgence!

Net weight 120g (approx. 10 to 12 pieces) - Best before: 25/07/23

Box Aperitif 3 Spreads

Availability: 22 In Stock

Ideal for an aperitif, a chic picnic or as a gourmet gift for a lover of good food!

Right now, our trio consists of:

  • Chevrette with sun-dried tomatoes
  • Green olive tapenade with garlic and basil
  • Chorizo pepper spread

Blonde craft beer 75cl - 4.9%

(1 review)
Availability: 6 In Stock

"All work deserves its beer"

Discover quickly our artisanal thirst blonde beer. Its incomparable freshness and unique taste will make you quickly forget your loooong day. Taste it alone or with friends.

Also discover our organic and artisanal white beer

Warning, excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for health. To be consumed in moderation.

"Tasting" Trio Terrines

(6 reviews)
Availability: 12 In Stock

Discover our trio of terrines "tasting" to perfect your toasts and the starter of your meals.

It consists of:

  • A terrine of Duck with onion confit 90g
  • A terrine of Duck with green pepper 90g
  • A terrine with Black Truffle juice flavored 3% 90g

Beautiful discovery and tasting to you!

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Culinary preparation based on Olive Oil with Lemon

(17 reviews)
Availability: 4 In Stock

Our olive oil with lemon will allow you to make surprising preparations and add freshness to your salads! With its stackable bottle, you can place it nearby without being too cluttered! Vinegars and oils can blend together just like they can in your interior for a deco and gift idea!

Mathildette Apéro Bombay - 60g

(5 reviews)
Availability: 5 In Stock

The sweet/salty Indian version, with this fruity and spicy recipe that confidently combines mango, pineapple, curry, chili, garlic, and ginger.

Mini sausages

(2 reviews)
Availability: 6 In Stock

It's time for a French-style aperitif with friends! In stick version, our sausage is easy to pick at!

Produced in France with pork from France origin.

Net weight 120g (approx 10 to 12 pieces) - Best before: 26/07/23

Mathildette Tuscany Apéritif - 20g

(7 reviews)
Availability: 7 In Stock

Tuscany also invites itself on toast, with its pesto character made from pine nuts, basil, cheese, and hazelnut, and enhanced by a mixture of onion, oregano, and white pepper.

Mustard Garlic and Basil - 100g

(10 reviews)
Availability: 16 In Stock

A savory scent of basil combined with the power of garlic, all mixed with excellent mustard: a composition that you won't be able to do without for summer barbecues. This mustard is presented in Mathilde's jar, to collect and reuse without moderation.