Savor the present moment with our selection of spreadable products to share for a friendly and easy aperitif! Our range of spreads transports you to comforting and subtle flavors. From traditional tapenade to vegetable spreads, our choice is wide and varied... Perfect to accompany your savory toasts. So, get comfortable and enjoy!

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Box Aperitif 3 Spreads

Availability: 22 In Stock

Ideal for an aperitif, a chic picnic or as a gourmet gift for a lover of good food!

Right now, our trio consists of:

  • Chevrette with sun-dried tomatoes
  • Green olive tapenade with garlic and basil
  • Chorizo pepper spread

3 Spreadables "Safe Bet"

(5 reviews)
Availability: 12 In Stock

Craving a "safe bet" aperitif?

Discover quickly our trio of spreads composed of:

  • A Eggplant Caviar 90g
  • A Sun-dried Tomato Delight with basil 90g
  • A green tapenade 90g

As a duo or with friends, be sure to have a 100% successful aperitif!

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Grilled zucchini with honey - 90g

(22 reviews)
Availability: 24 In Stock

The unique taste of grilled zucchini combined with exceptional honey! Our sweet and salty spread will not lack of taste! Introduce the pleasures of vegetables to your loved ones and dare to be creatively original.

Green Tapenade - 90g

(10 reviews)
Availability: 18 In Stock

Do you want to share a delicious dish and an accompaniment that will make your guests' mouth water? Discover our wide range of spreads with multiple flavors.

The green tapenade remains an essential spread for aperitif and knows how to marry with many culinary preparations.

Black Tapenade - 90g

(14 reviews)
Availability: 24 In Stock

Make a friendly appetizer with a few Tapenade toasts. And above all what could be more singing than tasting a tapenade from the South? Perfect with cherry tomatoes or on hot or cold meat. You can even prepare a delicious warm goat cheese revisited on a bed of tapenade. The creations are endless.

Gardener's spread - 90g

(10 reviews)
Availability: 62 In Stock

Want fresh toasts that remind you of long walks in the garden of your grandpa or grandma Mathilde? Discover in one single and same spread all the flavors of freshly picked vegetables of the day, prepared with love in a cauldron and seasoned with care.

Tomato cashew pesto - 90g

(16 reviews)
Availability: 21 In Stock

Originally from Italy, pesto pairs perfectly with delicious tomatoes, fresh cheese, or even in culinary preparations.

To bring originality and deliciousness to your knowledge of the famous pesto, our preparation consists of cashews and brings the essential notes of tomato.

Hummus red lentils - 100g

(8 reviews)
Availability: 32 In Stock

Discover our houmous made with coral lentils. A unique reinterpretation that will bring color to your appetizers!

Coral lentils, what are they? They are actually red lentils with the membrane removed. They have a small diameter. We appreciate them for their beautiful yellow-orange color that adds a colorful touch to our recipes. Their taste is similar to green lentils, but it's more delicate and slightly sweet. They are widely used in Indian, Asian, and North African cuisines. In these countries, they are one of the main sources of protein.

Delight with morels - 100g

(16 reviews)
Availability: 12 In Stock

The morille is a rare and highly prized mushroom, it is part of the prestigious mushrooms, just like the truffle. Its unique and delicate flavor will bring an exceptional taste to all your dishes. 

In our delight of morille, you can also find a base of chickpeas and cream. Add a spoonful to your cooked dishes, sautés, soups or even scrambled eggs, and also combine it in your sauces.

Delight with cep mushrooms - 100g

(11 reviews)
Availability: 30 In Stock

The cep, like most wild mushrooms, has been consumed for several centuries. Its flavor is so exceptional, and its little "caps" full of vitamins are delicious. Cooked simply on toast or incorporated into more elaborate recipes, our cep delicacy will add the perfect touch to your dishes.

Parmesan Eggplant - 90g

(13 reviews)
Availability: 21 In Stock

Le Comptoir de Mathilde has always known how to search for the best recipes of fine grocery to offer flavors and refinement. Find through our Eggplant Parmesan all the flavors of Italy.. and its various culinary associations.

Green Olive Garlic Basil - 90g

(4 reviews)
Availability: 31 In Stock

Opt for a spread enhanced with garlic and basil. Within your Olivade with green olives, its assortment will enhance all your culinary preparations and surprise the mouths of your guests.