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Peanut Heart - Bag

(3 reviews)
Availability: 18 In Stock

Put some colour in your life, with our "CDM's" with roasted peanuts coated in milk chocolate and coated with sugar shell. The choco'parties will be multicolored. To be placed in a very pretty bowl or simply enjoyed straight from the packet. Enjoy your meal!

Roasted hazelnuts dark and milk

(4 reviews)
Availability: 88 In Stock

You never manage to make a decision between dark chocolate or milk? Luckily, you won't have to choose!

Oscar Tender Bear - Marshmallow

(37 reviews)
Availability: 144 In Stock

A soft marshmallow and a generous layer of milk chocolate to transport you to the clouds with each bite! An exquisite flavor that will take you back to your childhood.

Whether you're a schoolboy, a hipster, or a rapper, Oscar adapts to you!

Truffles Praline Hazelnut Pieces

(10 reviews)
Availability: 69 In Stock

Tender... delicate and flavorful, our truffles are made in our Provence factory with the utmost care! Their ingredients, chosen for their unparalleled tastes, will give you an undefinable gustatory pleasure! Quickly try our milk chocolate and hazelnut truffles...

Chocolat Olives - Provence Sweets

(6 reviews)
Availability: 35 In Stock

The chocolate olives... This mixture of dark chocolate and almonds, it's so good! Your taste buds will definitely ask for more.

Chocolate pearls caramel flavor

(8 reviews)
Availability: 36 In Stock

These caramelized crispy cereals and coated with milk chocolate offer a dazzling blend of flavors.

Gift box

(4 reviews)
Availability: 22 In Stock

A very beautiful box, ready to give, to please on all occasions! An overview of our best products.

In our gift box:

  • Babas with vanilla rum 100g*
  • Canelé with vanilla rum 100g*
  • Fizzy Milk spread 100g
  • Milk spread with caramel chips 100g
  • Dark chocolate coffee cream bar
  • Milk chocolate feuilletine bar
  • Milk Tagada Hot chocolate
  • Snack'Choc Feuilletine chocolate stick
  • Snack'Choc Fizzy chocolate stick
  • Snack'Choc Malakoff chocolate stick
  • Eggplant Caviar spread
  • Bar with chorizo spread
  • Red pepper and ricotta Hummus spread
  • 3 mustard papillote
  • Golden tartinettes
  • Fine champagne Venison terrine 90g

*Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.

4 Choc' à Casser Gourmandises

(15 reviews)
Availability: 5 In Stock

Discover our gourmet chocolate to break, composed of 3 chocolates for the greatest pleasure of fine connoisseurs: 3 treats for 3 moments of pleasure and 3 desires: Milk chocolate with caramelized almonds and pieces of Brittany biscuits, ruby coating chocolate with pieces of meringues., dark chocolate with Oscar.

Ruby chocolate has intense and tangy fruity notes. With no added colorants or fruit flavors, you can be sure to enjoy high-quality chocolate.

Ruby chocolate's color may alter if exposed to too much light.

Caramelized pistachios chocolate fleur de sel

(5 reviews)
Availability: 109 In Stock

Discover the perfect marriage between pistachio, chocolate and flower of salt, to delight the finest gourmets

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Napolitains 3 chocolate box

(21 reviews)
Availability: 10 In Stock

You will no longer have to choose your chocolate with our napolitains chocolates box! You will find in this box an assortment of dark, white and milk chocolate embellished with several delicacies! Presented in a pretty wooden box, offer the best discovery of our recipes.

Truffles Blond and Caramel Crumbles

(12 reviews)
Availability: 47 In Stock

Made in our factory, our blonde chocolate truffles with caramel pieces invite you to a sweet, tender, and above all indulgent gustatory destination... Just like on your little cloud, enjoy our truffles as a snack, during tea time, or after your lunches.

Coffret "Le tout choco"

(1 review)
Availability: 4 In Stock

Maxi cookies

Pour réaliser cette succulente recette, voici une sélection de nos produits à avoir dans sa liste des courses !

Heart Tablet - Dark Chocolate

(11 reviews)
Price €4.50

Chocolate pearls caramel flavor

(8 reviews)
Price €9.00

Hazelnut Sparkling Milk - Spread - 100g

(26 reviews)
Price €5.00

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Happy New Year - Milk...
  • Online only
  • -50%

Happy New Year - Milk Chocolate Tablet

(4 reviews)
€2.50 -50%
Availability: 23 In Stock
Chocolate to Break -...
  • Online only
  • -€2.00

Chocolate to Break - Chocofrog - Harry Potter

(7 reviews)
€21.00 -€2.00
Availability: 11 In Stock

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L'Infusion saveurs Framboise Pamplemousse
L'Infusion saveurs Framboise Pamplemousse
Découvrez nos conseils et astuces pour déguster notre Infusion saveurs Framboise Pamplemousse, une boisson aux notes équilibrées entre le sucré et l'acidulé de la framboise et du pamplemousse soutenus par l'hibiscus qui apporte une jolie teinte rosée.
Le Thé Noir saveurs Pomme Caramel
Le Thé Noir saveurs Pomme Caramel
Découvrez nos conseils et astuces pour déguster notre Thé Noir saveurs Pomme Caramel, une boisson aux notes boisées qui se marient parfaitement avec la gourmandise du caramel et de la pomme.
Le Thé Noir saveurs Poire Cacao
Le Thé Noir saveurs Poire Cacao
Découvrez nos conseils et astuces pour déguster notre Thé Noir saveurs Poire Cacao, une boisson aux notes boisées qui se marient parfaitement avec la douceur chocolatée des cosses de cacao et le fruité de la poire.