Parce qu'il est la père-fection
Faites plaisir à votre papa
J'en profite !
La fête des pères approche !
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Bonne fête Papa

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"Dad" Rum Pineapple Vanilla...
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These delicious babas with the taste of pineapple vanilla will be perfect to give to his Dad, or to the Father of your children! something to please them in a gourmet and original way,

To be enjoyed as is or accompanied by whipped cream with a scoop of ice cream the perfect combo for the most gourmands.

Weight: 760g

Attention alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, To be consumed in moderation!

Gift box

(5 reviews)
Availability: 4 In Stock

A very beautiful box, ready to give, to please on all occasions! An overview of our best products.

In our gift box:

  • Babas with vanilla rum 100g*
  • Canelé with vanilla rum 100g*
  • Fizzy Milk spread 100g
  • Milk spread with caramel chips 100g
  • Dark chocolate coffee cream bar
  • Milk chocolate feuilletine bar
  • Milk Tagada Hot chocolate
  • Snack'Choc Feuilletine chocolate stick
  • Snack'Choc Fizzy chocolate stick
  • Snack'Choc Malakoff chocolate stick
  • Eggplant Caviar spread
  • Bar with chorizo spread
  • Red pepper and ricotta Hummus spread
  • 3 mustard papillote
  • Golden tartinettes
  • Fine champagne Venison terrine 90g

*Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.

Father's Day Tablet - Milk...
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Father's Day Tablet - Milk Chocolate

(5 reviews)
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To celebrate your dad, Le Comptoir de Mathilde offers you a new chocolate tablet.

A creamy and delicious milk chocolate to please the "perfect dad"!

Net weight: 100g

Mini sausages Hazelnuts

(3 reviews)
Availability: 7 In Stock

It's time for a French-style apéritif with friends! In buchettes version, our saucisson is easy to nibble on. Go for this recipe with hazelnuts for even more indulgence!

Net weight 120g (approx. 10 to 12 pieces) - Best before: 25/07/23

Mathildettes Salty Gift Box - 4 spreadables x 30g

(42 reviews)
Availability: 29 In Stock

Box ''The Mathildettes'' 4 flavors.
Discover an explosive mixture composed of 4 savory spreads in this elegant gourmet box: Mashed Potatoes with brumal truffle 1.1%, Mathilde's Tapenade, Duo of salmon with cream and lime, Tomato walnut pesto.

Caramelized pistachios chocolate fleur de sel

(5 reviews)
Availability: 56 In Stock

Discover the perfect marriage between pistachio, chocolate and flower of salt, to delight the finest gourmets

Franchouillard Box

(20 reviews)
Availability: 10 In Stock

Crack for our cheesy box composed of a milk-praline chocolate camembert as well as a milk-praline hazelnut chocolate saucisson, accompanied by a cutting board. An illusion that will make laugh, and give pleasure to everyone!

DIY Kit - Dark and Milk Chocolates

(20 reviews)
Availability: 10 In Stock

For the gourmet Sunday DIY enthusiasts... Here is a first aid DIY kit with a screwdriver, a hammer, pliers and a saw... made of dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

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Gardener's Kit - Dark and Milk Chocolates

(12 reviews)
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For the gourmet gardeners in their Sunday best. Here is your perfect gardening kit, composed of essential tools: gloves, watering can, shovel and pruning shears ... in dark and milk chocolate.

Father's Day Tablet - Dark...
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Father's Day Tablet - Dark chocolate

(5 reviews)
Availability: Out of stock

A handmade dark chocolate tablet to give to your dad to celebrate? It's possible with our special Father's Day tablet, so you can please your dear dad with a gourmet gift!

Net weight: 100g

Thank you box

(14 reviews)
Availability: 14 In Stock

To say "Thank you" to the baby-sitter, your kind neighbor, ... or the people you appreciate: Go crazy for our selection of gourmet products!

In our gift box:

  • Milk Chocolate Bar "Merci"
  • Vanilla Rum Babas 100g
  • Milk Feulletine Spread 100g
  • Dark Spread 100g
  • Dark Chocolate Bar with Pink Pralines
  • Caramel Milk Hot Chocolate
  • Grilled Zucchini Honey Spread
  • Duo Salmon Cream and Lemon Spread
  • Mini Breadsticks
  • Old-fashioned Mustard with Espelette Pepper 100g
  • Mediterranean Mathildette aperitif

Available only on the Website

*Excessive consumption of alcohol is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.

Availability: 5 In Stock

"It's not the size that matters, it's the THIRST"

Discover our artisanal Session IPA beer, in XL version! This beer is light, perfect for hot days and quenches your thirst. Ideal for an apéritif with friends!

Bottle: 1.5 l

Warning, excessive drinking of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

Le Bun de Mathilde

Pour réaliser cette succulente recette, voici une sélection de nos produits à avoir dans sa liste des courses !

Wild Voatsiperifery Pepper - Mini Mill

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Curry Mustard - 250g

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Mathildette Texan Aperitif - 40g

(5 reviews)
Price €5.00

Culinary preparation with garlic oil and dried...

(17 reviews)
Price €9.00

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Truffe Chocolat Blond aux éclats de caramel 150g
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Truffles Blond and Caramel Crumbles

(12 reviews)
€4.50 -50%
Availability: 29 In Stock

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L'Infusion saveurs Framboise Pamplemousse
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Le Thé Noir saveurs Pomme Caramel
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