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A story about Passion 

Between a man and hazelnuts

Since 2007, it has been really important to us to offer you beautiful and tasty products, with the aim in life to hold high the colours of the quality French Gastronomy. We are proud to be a manufacturer, and it allows us to develop new ideas continuously, to make ourselves better but also to keep the taste of the good things in life that reminds us the taste memories of our childhood.


Richard Fournier

A yesteryear's discovery

-Store's Concept-

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With around 80 stores, you are going to live and discover a unique concept thanks to our store's network: a return to your roots 100% vintage! With our atypical vitrines, decorated freehand by a painter and completely opened toward the outside, we offer you to reach our universe as soon as you walk in front of the store. Would you like to be part of our adventure?
Photo de la boutique de Tulette du Comptoir de Mathilde

Trouvez votre boutique le Comptoir de Mathilde