Fruity ice cream
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To refresh your sunny days, what could be better than a homemade ice cream with fruit and fruity tea?
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Shortbread cookies
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Prepare with love delicious shortbread cookies filled with sweet, creamy, fruity jam for Teacher's Day!
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The Marvellous Breakfast
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Discover our special Mother's Day recipe for waffle spread hearts, because they deserve all our love!
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Create your own game board!
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Give free rein to your creativity, by recycling your wooden chocolate box into a game board!
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Layer cake Lapinou
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At Easter, surprise your guests with our delicious Layer Cake recipe in the shape of a Rabbit!
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Raspberry Grapefruit Infusion
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Discover our tips and tricks for enjoying our Infusion Framboise Pamplemousse, a drink with balanced notes of sweet and tart raspberry and grapefruit, supported by hibiscus, which adds a pretty pinkish hue.
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