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Feeling like giving a gift? Or simply discovering several of our flavors of spreadable paste? Le Comptoir de Mathilde offers its best spreadable paste recipes in a format box that will start your day in a good mood.

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Weekly Box - Spreadable Pastes - 7 x 30g

(14 reviews)
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Stop the monotony at breakfast! Le Comptoir de Mathilde offers you its best recipes of spreads, in a discovery format, which will start your day with a good mood.

Papillote of spreadable pasta - 3 x 30g

(29 reviews)
Availability: 7 In Stock

Want to make a gift? Or simply to discover several of our flavors of spread? Choose our papillote of 30g spread.

Random assorted flavors

Mathildettes spread gift box - 4 x 30g

(51 reviews)
Availability: 48 In Stock

Want to make a gift? Discover the most popular of our spread recipes with our special "Mathildettes" gift set. You will find the following flavors in your gift set:

  • Speculoos cream
  • Praliné spread
  • Piedmont hazelnut praline
  • Salted caramel from Guérande

Happiness in a 30g jar!

Gourmet Breaks Box - Spread - 4 x 100g

(27 reviews)
€12.87 -34%
Availability: 30 In Stock

Quickly succumb to our "Gourmet Breaks" gift set. With each break, a new flavor!

A surprising mixture made up of 4 100g spreadable creams in this elegant gourmet box: milk feuilletine, sparkling milk, milk hazelnut, and salted butter caramel chips.

Discover new sensations with 4 of our best spreadable cream recipes!